The world's two largest dinosaurs are headed for extinction

In the province of Chubut, Argentina, have been recently discovered the fossilised bones of what paleontologists believe to be the largest dinosaur to have ever set foot on Earth [1]. As much as this news can be fascinating to paleontologists, biologists, or archaeologists, the news that is infinitely more interesting is that not all "dinosaurs" became extinct. We now have two, in fact, still alive, and these are only those whose undesirability is more obvious.

Today's Europe has been likened to a huge grass-eating dinosaur [2, 3]. The smartest journalists say that if Europe is to survive the upheavals that await it in the twenty-first century, it will have to shake off its "laziness", but do you believe that? For the European Union there is only EU law, which only creates problems, the euro, another problem, and there is no Spanish, Greek, or Italian, but only an imaginary Homo sapiens europeus.

Other smart journalists say that the American empire is based on a century of propaganda. The United States has succeeded in convincing almost everyone that it is "the land of the free", and engages in war only to defend its ideals. But the current crisis in the Ukraine has just changed the rules of the game, so much so, in fact, that even I had to change my main job. Now the lies of the US and its "allies" (see the aforementioned dinosaur) are openly challenged by the government and media of another major state, Russia [4].

Not only in the era of satellites and the Internet American propaganda no longer works, but Russia has news agencies that churn out news every day not just in Russian, but also in English, and Russia also has a number of real news sources devoted to articles and the analysis of current events, and even those are available in excellent English.

Once upon a time Russians were slandered by Americans for their propaganda, usually in Russian. Today, however, the Russian media is best known to cognoscenti for their lack of propaganda, and effectively use the language of their past accusers. The accusers of the past not only manufacture news every day, as kids invent tall tales for their parents' consumption, but they also try to invent new governments, naturally subservient to US multinational interests.

To summarise, there are at least two large dinosaurs in the world: the US, and Europe, and both have made bad calculations. The calculations that have been made allow US intelligence agencies to spy on everyone, even Chancellor Merkel's mobile phone. The United States has not even been wrong about Chancellor Merkel who, despite everything, is largely on America's side, even though the country today is more like the Stasi secret police, than the America of three decades ago. But the calculation that both Americans and Europeans have gotten wrong is the one whose premise is America and Europe need multinational companies to overcome the current global economic crisis. In short, two political dinosaurs that believe in corporate dinosaurs as well.

The Bible says that the kingdom of Christ that is to come will have no end (Luke 1:33). But if the Bible declares the polity that Christ will form on his return a "kingdom", a problem of interpretation arises with other verses, which do not use terms such as "monarch" or "king" to describe Christ at his return.

The Indian mystic and spiritual master Osho Rajneesh once said:
Man has lived a long time the way he has lived [violently and unconsciously]. By the end of this century, a critical quantum leap is possible. Either man will die in a third world war or man will take a jump and will become a new man. Before that happens, a great Buddhafield is needed — a field where we can create the future.
The word "Buddhafield" is not new, though it may seem so to the typical Westerner, but is the literal translation of the Sanskrit masculine words buddha-kṣetra, which is pronounced "buddha-kshetra", and which means "Buddhafield", and is a sacred neighborhood or district — in short, a temenos (τέμενος), to put it the way Greeks did, and its private area.

It is curious to note, however, that buddha-kṣetra is often referred to as the ground or the kingdom of a Buddha (Saint), or great Bodhisattva (Blessed).

It should also be noted that if a "Buddhafield" is a holy neighborhood or district, Osho reveals prophetically that it will be a great holy neighborhood or district. In the Hindu cosmography the word dvipa often indicates an island, something akin to a neighborhood or district in the sense of being limited, but a mahadvipa, a "great island", is sometimes translated as "continent". To summarise, the buddha-kṣetra Osho prophetically reveals could start as a tiny "mustard seed" (Luke 13:18), the smallest of all seeds, but when it has grown, it could become a big tree, so big that even the birds of the air may take shelter in its branches (Luke 13:19). Therefore, Osho does not mention a single holy district, but what the Maitreya, the next Buddha and successor of Gautama Buddha will bring, he who the Buddha revealed would be far greater than himself, greater than the "Blessed One" himself.

Well, we must say that the buddha-kṣetra predicted by the Buddha, which in English is called Buddhafield, is under construction.

By the term "construction", I do not mean something small or large made of reinforced concrete. Such a construction does not actually change anything, because the foundations of that building could only be located in the terra firma, which belongs to, or in the last resort is already claimed by, other potentates.

A purely virtual construction could only serve to help create a nation, not to create what, in the last resort, is needed, something more akin to a state, but it should be noted that also the Westphalian state is dying.

The construction I mention not only is a legal or legalistic construction, but another prophet also prophesied that it would have been of this nature.

Before his death, renowned kabbalist and rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri [5] said that he would leave a handwritten note with the name of the Messiah. He gave his followers the task of revealing the content of the note only a year after his death, at the enviable age of 108. The followers who opened the note a year later found in the following words: "ירים העם ויוכיח שדברו ותורתו עומדים", which translated from Hebrew mean, "He [the Messiah] will lift the people and prove that his word and law are valid".

Speaking of true or false prophets, we must say in the case of Kaduri that, the acronym formed from the first letter of each Hebrew word mentioned above suggests that the Messiah's name is Yehoshua, Yeshua, or Jesus!

So, not only the Buddha, but in essence also Yitzhak Kaduri predicted that the Maitreya or Messiah would lift the spirit of discouraged people, and would not prove that his "concrete" or "building" are valid, but that the his word and law are valid.

In fact, if one reflects deeply on the issue, one understands that without a major legal or legalistic discovery or development, it is not possible to begin to build this new world or continent. Deep down, we must also admit that besides the legalistic development, there is also a new political logic that allows one to overcome the current limitations of the Westphalian state, which turns out to be counterproductive, in many ways, for resolving current problems.

The word build in English indicates the consecutive numbering that accompanies the development of a software. For example, first Microsoft developed Windows 8 (or Windows 8.0), the first version of the new platform, and then it developed Windows 8.1, a revision. So the number 8 in Windows 8.1 is a new construction or major change, the essential meaning of the English word build, and the number 1 in Windows 8.1 indicates only a minor modification or revision. So in English, the software versioning is organised as follows: Windows build.revision.

In fact, the first version of the buddha-kṣetra indicates only the Fifth World Community (5WC), ie the only territorial claims of the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA) that are the private and shared property of three micronations, an entity defined with the neologism diaxenospitia, or a globally-spread municipality. The world's first buddha-kṣetra is represented effectively by the English words Buddhafield and build:

The founder of the world's first buddha-kṣetra, who is the UMMOA Governor, but not the Governor of the "Buddhafield", and this is especially true of the next major developments or minor revisions of the same construction, is represented effectively by the English word Buddhafield, and the originally Sanskrit and masculine word of guru:

Interested parties to this new adventure are requested to get in touch with the author of this article via the web form below. I have already gotten in touch with an international organisation that should at least formalise this thing, but we need many kinds of people, because the embryonic new world or continent about to be born needs effective people, and people with new ideas. For example, expert translators in Interlingua could help one reach where neither English nor Italian linguistically can. People with property could begin to extend the embryonic new world or continent. People with great ideas and social energy could help to spread this idea. In short, all men and women of goodwill can help.
HMRD Cesidio Tallini [6, 7]
Intermicronational World